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Lexi's Untamed Cowboys

Lexi's Untamed Cowboys - Rhea Regale I loved "Lexi's Untamed Cowboys"! Really loved it! It was simply one of the hottest, sexiest menage books I've read in a very long time...and that's saying something because I've read a LOT of menage stories.

Lexi, Travis, and Brent have amazing chemistry together. From the moment Lexi came to town, it was obvious. Travis and Brent were already involved in a relationship, but they felt like they needed a woman to complete their family, and believe me, Lexi completed them!

This book had lots going for it. There was action, suspense, humor, and panty melting sex. I'm serious. Mine hit the floor, spontaneously burst into flames, and left a hole in the carpet. My Kindle scorched my fingers, and I needed to go and get a drink of water after each sizzling scene.

This was the first book that I've read by Rhea Regale, but it is certainly not going to be my last. She's made a brand new fan out of me. If you love your menage hot, your men strong and chivalrous, and your women confident (even in the face of danger), "Lexi's Untamed Cowboys" is definitely for you.

Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books