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Lord Savage

Lord Savage - Mia Gabriel 3.5 Cocktails

Erotic and historical, not usually two things that mix well. Ms. Savage does an interesting job with this story. Mrs. Evelyn Hart is a widow, so it’s perfectly acceptable for her to attend balls, and attempt to live a little after her arranged marriage. She attends balls hoping to find something exciting, she finds that when she spies Lord Savage in the garden. She is invited to a week long party in the country. There begins her sexual awakening.

This is a story with BDSM elements, she’s paired with the very man she spied upon, Lord Savage has his Innocent, or sub to his Dom. He’s dark and brooding, gives her more pleasure than she’s ever known. He only seems to want her for the week, while Evelyn seems to be yearning for a closeness that just isn’t there.

There are a lot of convoluted parts where rules come into play, rules that only seemed to exist when convenient to the story. I did find myself enjoying the story, and I may even pick up the rest of the trilogy at some point. It did have a great blend of the repressed Victorian with the out there sexuality of BDSM, and I did find myself intrigued by the contrast.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books