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Only - HelenKay Dimon 4.5 Cocktails

This was a fantastic book, and the only thing I can say is that I wish I would have read the first book in the series first to better understand the back story, but it was still great as a stand alone book and kept my interest throughout the entire story from page one to the end. This book had everything that you want when it comes to a good romance including the element of suspense and intrigue that are present as well. Not only is the authors writing intelligent and a bit cynical, but the brilliantly written smoking hot sex scenes will have you smoldering! This book was a seriously hot and emotional read and the characters were extremely passionate.

I loved Kyra, although she was younger, she was such a strong willed, very independent and stubborn woman, she was sexy and mouthy and spoke her mind, no holding back for her, she seemed like the type of woman that when she decided what she wanted she just went for it, no holds barred. Then there is Bast, he is one sexy as sin man. He is the ultimate protector, great with negotiating anything except when it comes to Kyra. I love his vulnerabilities when he is with her, it makes him seem so much more human. The obstacles in their path to a Happily Ever After seem overwhelming, they both have past issues that they are trying to overcome. The chemistry they have is off the charts hot and the sex is even hotter.

I am going to make sure I read the first book in this series, because if it reads like the second I know it will not be a waste of time and will be one that I will absolutely enjoy. The writing in this story was flawless the plot was amazing and the emotions of the characters intense. I can't wait to read the the first and the next book that comes out in this series. I would definitely recommend this book.

Reviewed by Kim for Cocktails and Books