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Can't Let Go

Can't Let Go - Michelle  Lynn 3.5 Cocktails

I have loved all the Invincible books, but CAN'T LET GO was a little bit different. In Dex's story, we found the woman he was meant to be with wasn't someone he just meets, but someone he's known since he was eight, who he didn't always treat the best, but someone he would always be there for.

Dex and Chrissy meet through their fathers at a weekly poker game. They bond over their fathers and the gambling that takes precedence over pretty much everything else. But Dax lives a very different life from Chrissy's and she often feels like she isn't good enough for Dax or anything that has to do with his world. As a reader, I felt very sorry for Chrissy because she was in a pretty horrible situation that was not of her own making. And every time she tried to dig herself out of the hole she in, her father smacked her right back down again. Chrissy had grit and she had determination. She may have slipped a time or two, but she always managed to do what she needed to in order to start over. And when it was really bad, she knew she could always call her old friend Dex.

Dex was a frustrating man. You knew how he felt about Chrissy, he'd felt that way since he was a teenager, but he was insistent on keeping Chrissy at arms length. You wanted him to believe in his feelings and know that you can love people and things will be alright. But Dex is on stubborn man and he fights his feelings tooth and nail. Of course, he hurts the one person he doesn't ever want to. He eventually figures it out, just when he's about to lose what he wants, but he needed that push.

CAN'T LET GO didn't have the same emotional pull for me as the other books in the series, but it was still a solid entry. And Michelle Lynn sets up Rob's story perfectly. Suddenly we discover he's not really the a-hole we think he is. I can't wait to get more of him.