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Rock Addiction

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss) (Volume 1) - Nalini Singh 2.5 - 3 Stars

This was my first Nalini Singh book and I though a rocker romance was the perfect introduction to her writing. While I enjoyed her writing style, the love story between Molly and Fox fell a bit flat for me.

Molly meet lead singer of Schoolboy Choir, Zachary Fox, at a party thrown by her sister. He propositions her in the elevator as she's leaving the party and suddenly Miss Molly is dropping her panties faster than she can say "I'm a virgin". Molly agrees to a temporary fling, but then the terms are changed and she finds herself following Fox very far from home and in the middle of the media circus that surrounds Schoolboy Choir.

I found the whole romance between Molly and Fox, at the beginning, a bit unbelievable. For a girl that had saved something very special of herself, basically because of the inability of her father to remain faithful to her mother, I found it a bit ridiculous that she would suddenly think having spur of the moment sex with Fox was a good idea. Then add in a temporary affair with the well known rocker playboy...and I was out.

I did like each of the characters, but starting their relationship the way they did, made the rest of their romance fall short. Even though as a reader you could see true feelings developing between the two and their relationship solidifying, the second part of the story just couldn't make up for the things that had happened at the beginning.

I'm a bit sad that my first stab at a Nalini Singh book ended up a bit blah, but that doesn't mean I won't try another later...maybe even the next Schoolboy Choir book.