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Love Slave for Two

Love Slave for Two - Tymber Dalton Years ago, I happened across a description for a story about two men who have a loving, committed relationship and their housekeeper who they have fallen in love with. Unfamiliar with the MM genre, this was one of those times when a completely unexpected book shows up as a suggested read because people who purchased the book you’re considering also purchased it. It seemed interesting and I wanted to read it, but somehow I lost track of it without ever writing down the name of the author or adding it to my tbr for a later date. Fast forward to now and boy am I glad to have accidentally lost the information to the book that caught my interest. That book comes later in this series. Now I get to read them in order and see what the circumstances are that make them the characters that caught my attention in the first place.

At first I was a little thrown, I couldn’t quite understand what was going on and how these characters manage to end up together since the author kept gave us a glimpse of Tommy then we don’t see what becomes of him. Instead we are shown Tyler’s sad tale of looking for love in all the wrong places before he finally meets Tommy. Tyler manages to fall in love several times, get married twice, dabble in BDSM and write best selling novels before he ever meets Tommy. To say that Tyler is quite accomplished is an understatement. However his air of fragility and needing someone to take care of him was at times off putting. I wasn’t sure how successful the relationship would be since he seemed to fall in love so easily throughout the book. However, ever the romantic, I chose to see it as Tyler taking wrong turns in his quest to find someone to love who will love him in return. Thank you, Tommy.

The dynamic was surprisingly good, although it had its moments. The story flowed very well once you realized that this book was not so much about the two of them as it was about Tyler’s journey. That being said, it was a long and sometimes sad journey, but very worthwhile. The real intimacy between Tommy and Tyler is at times breathtaking.

I would highly recommend this to readers of MM romance who want to read about more than just the sex.

Reviewed by Iris for Cocktails and Books