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Within These Walls

Within These Walls - J.L. Berg J. L. Berg continues to astound me with each book of hers I read. She often times takes an already somewhat emotional subject matter and creates this romance that helps the characters overcome everything.

Lailah is such a beautiful character. For someone who'd been dealt a pretty crappy hand, she always seemed to find the bright side in situations. She makes a list of 'normal' things she wants to to experience, both good and bad. And if she doesn't get to do most of them, at least she had what she wanted down. It was hard not to love Lailah or to pull for her to get everything she wants. But when she meets Jude, he awakens things in Lailah she wasn't aware of, including finding a way to make the beautiful nurse's assistant happy.

Jude thought he whole world was shattered when his fiancee Megan was killed in a car accident. He left his life and stayed in the last place he was with her simply existing. But when he sees Lailah, she becomes the light to his darkness. He knows, because of her stay in the Cardiology ward, that she's very sick, but he's determined to make Lailah his and to find a way to give her everything that could possibly make her happy.

The love story between Jude and Lailah was very sweet and also pretty damn hot. Jude was such the gentleman with Lailah, but he also made her feel like a woman should. He may have fussed over her, but he always made sure she knew that he'd want her...whether she was sick or not.

If you've never picked up a J. L. Berg book, this is definitely one that you should put on your TBR. The characters and the heartbreaking storyline absolutely pull you, making it very hard not to love everything about WITHIN THESE WALLS.