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Seducing Lauren

Seducing Lauren - Kristen Proby I have to admit this is my first introduction to Kristen Proby. Apparently, Seducing Lauren is the second book in the series. Most authors will tell you that their series books can be read as stand alone novels but when you pick them up you’re in for a rude awakening and are usually lost. That is not the case here. Having never read anything by this author before, I did not realize it was the second book in a series until I opening it up. From the very first page I was engrossed in the story, never once feeling as if I had been dropped into the lives of these characters who have a back story I know very little of.

Lauren suffers from poor little rich girl syndrome in my opinion. Yes, she’s wealthy, her parents were wealthy and upon their deaths she inherited everything. However, having grown up in such a loving, trusting environment left her open to being used in the worse ways possible. Now divorced from the abusive husband who admitted to only marrying her for her money, she is starting over. But Jack, the ex husband won’t go away. Not when he knows there’s more money to be had. Ty, however, is not about to let that happen. He’s been attracted to Lauren for years and never said a word, but she’s single now and he’s not about to let anyone harm her now.

I was surprised at how well written and descriptive this book was. The pace was perfect. Slow and romantic when it needed to be and fast and violent when it was called for. Once I started, I had a hard time putting it down for even short periods of time. There were twists and surprise turns that kept even me guessing. I loved every minute of Seducing Lauren and plan on reading the first book in this series. I cannot wait for Jill’s story in book 3!

Reviewed by Iris for Cocktails and Books