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To Love a Highland Dragon

To Love a Highland Dragon - Ann Gimpel I love Dragons and Dragon shifters, but I can’t say I really loved this book…nor did I dislike it though. It was just OK. I had a hard time relating to the main characters, I felt like I didn’t really get to know them and the story was lacking in depth and the plot and world building felt incomplete. There was a lot going on but it was hard to follow.

I felt that Maggie and Lachlan lacked chemistry together and there was really no build up to their relationship. Everything just happened way to fast and easy for them . Her characters were very interesting on their own but together they just don’t have that spark. Lachlan is a sexy and hot dragon shifter from the past and Kheladin is his dragon half, together they are the perfect pair. Maggie is a strong independent woman who makes her own decisions. Relying on anyone is hard for either of them, but they have to learn how with eachother. The secondary characters were interesting and very funny, but again not enough information about them considering the roles they played in the story.

I did like the idea behind the book and I would like to see what happens next in this world that the author created. There were some great sex scenes, which were well written. There was some very good humour and witty comments thrown in as well. The author could have done more with the world building and the character building though and that is what I have based my review on. I will read the next book, just because I do like Dragons, magical worlds and the paranormal. It was still a fun read just not a book that really grabbed my attention and kept me riveted. For a fun afternoon read this would not be a bad book to pick up.

Reviewed by Kim for Cocktails and Books