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The Billionaire or the Cowboy

The Billionaire or the Cowboy - Vicki Lewis Thompson I loved this book, it’s an anthology that is closely connected. The three woman each get their own story and their own fairytale ending.

Melanie goes to Paris, and falls in love with a Texas billionaire. I really loved this part, since it seems so unlikely, but it works well with the way the author set it up. I really fell in love with Paris and Melanie. Andre was perfect for her, and she allowed him to rediscover the wonder he’s missing in his life.

Astrid’s rich, has always been, so she bucked tradition a bit when she became a large animal vet, since all she ever wanted was to work with animals. She’s very attracted to Fletcher, a rancher who lives in the margins and would not be approved of by her parents. These two are very much meant for each other and despite outside pressure I enjoyed watching them go for it and take a chance.

Valerie, used to be a very confident woman, but an incident has left her with a case of PTSD and needing some equine therapy to help her relax. She meets Adam after an embarrassing incident involving a smoke alarm while out with her friends, so when her therapist recommends Adam’s ranch and the equine therapy, she gives it a try. She easily falls for Adam and he falls for her, and despite some setbacks from her PTSD and her panic attacks. I really liked Adam and Val together.

This was a great anthology, with every heroine finding the perfect man for them. I highly recommend this to fans of cowboy and billionaire romances.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books