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Love Bites

Love Bites - Angela Knight The stories in this anthology get progressively hotter. The first story, Oath of Service, is part of her popular Mageverse series, a series I’ve followed since the beginning. They’ve always been a bit spicier than most mainstream. This anthology takes that spicy and ramps it up to erotic. I really loved this novella, it was very sexy and kinky.

Morgana la Fay has avoided being alone with Percival for years, he’s the one man she’d happily submit to. When things go wrong, and she’s required to swear an oath of service to Percy or be reassigned to another team, she submits to him.

Percy and Morgana are meant to be, and his partners come in and spend some time in bed with Percy and Morgana. I enjoyed the menage between the four of them, and the love that blossoms between Percy and Morganna.

The next story, Be Careful What you Wish For, is a short story where two men who both lust after the same vampiress, find themselves in the situation that allows them to follow through on their lust. It’s a quick and hot story. I really enjoyed the story and I wouldn’t mind seeing these three again.

The last story, is a Sci-Fi vampire short and it has the feel of old bodice rippers. The heroine, is kidnapped by the vampires and enticed to become their bloodslave. That’s a human that becomes part vampire and it allows her to feed the vampires that are part of her group. Bloodslave is probably the steamiest and most erotic story in the set. It was the shortest story and was a quick steamy romp, with lots of BDSM elements.

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing the erotic side of Angela Knight. Especially the longer Mageverse novella, I loved that I got Morgana’s story and that it was an erotic romance. The other short stories were also good, and I recommend this anthology.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books