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Dana's Release

Dana's Release - Laura Hammond Dana is a self-described feminist. She is very independent and makes no bones about herself or her attitude. After moving into her home, she has had dreams and fantasies about bondage, and submission. While she had these dreams before moving in, it increased upon her moving in.

Peter Weston is a lieutenant with the local police department. He is a Dom and very willing to show Dana what it is to be a submissive. Peter while he pushes her boundaries in the playroom lets her handle their relationship out of the bedroom. He lets Dana take it as slow as she needs. I had a hard time getting a good picture of Peter independent of Dana’s views on Peter because much of the contact between Peter and

Michael is a ghost that haunts the house that Dana lives in. While he makes sure that most tenants don’t stay past two months, he is attracted to Dana and becomes her friend. Michael has reasons for not passing on but he is unwilling to tell anyone until he has too what they are.

The connection between Michael and Dana is blistering and much stronger that the connection between Peter and Dana. The sex scenes were steamy between Peter and Dana. While Peter was difficult to figure out he was very understanding considering the circumstances.

I found this book well written with a very unique plot that pushes the imagination. This book has interesting and fascinating main and secondary characters. The ending was somewhat was predictable in that it was realistic but I was still hoping for a different outcome. Overall, this was a fascinating book.

Reviewed by Victoria for Cocktails and Books