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The Christmas Top (1NS)

The Christmas Top (1NS) - Christi Snow Somehow knowing where the perfect matches are to be had, Madame Eve continuously sets up her clients with the match of their dreams and making fantasies come true. Whether they’re looking for a Male, Female or in some cases two more than one person, Madame Even can provide it.

There are a couple of things to point out regarding this novella. First I’d like to say that other than the characters mentioning that it was Christmas, we would have no clue. The fact that it’s a holiday is an after thought. So if you’re looking for a sweet holiday read, this isn’t it. The Christmas Top cannot, by far, ever be described as a deep, emotion filled novella. It can actually better be described as a fluff piece. The characters did not have the usual chemistry we have come to expect to fly off the pages of the 1 Night Stand novellas, which is very disappointing. The main characters seemed very one-dimensional. It was short and sweet, but that’s about it. It’s exactly what you would expect a one night stand to play out as, not at all like a couple who by the end of the night are thinking that they just can’t imagine not attempting a real long lasting relationship.

It’s the perfect read if you just need some mindless reading that will not require any thinking. That being said, I did actually enjoy reading this story. I would hazard a guess that you have to be in the mood for this particular story. So although I enjoyed it this time, it is easily forgettable and not something I would ever read again.

Reviewed by Iris for Cocktails and Books