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Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Angela S. Stone A very short story about a hockey player “so far in the closet the dust bunnies couldn’t find him.” Like so many 1 Night Stand series novellas, Unsportsmanlike Conduct has an incredible plot. The question is whether or not the author can tell the story without rushing the reader through it.

Hockey is normally considered a man’s sport. Except on this particular team. They have a female goalie and two other players involved in a ménage. Why Owen would feel that he couldn’t come out as gay to his teammates I still don’t understand. However, once Madam Eve works her matchmaker magic and finds Owen the perfect blind date, Owen finally meets someone worth putting everything on the line for.

What made this particular 1 Night Stand novella stand out for me was the inclusion of an epilogue. The author gives us a conclusion to the story. The reader does not have to guess what happens next, the author actually tells us.

Reviewed by Iris for Cocktails and Books