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Screwdrivered - Alice Clayton When Vivian Franklin unexpectedly inherits an ocean front Victorian house in California, she feels like a character in one of the romance novel she reads. Vivian lives in Philadelphia and owns a successful computer software company, but she doesn’t feel fulfilled. Once she inherits the house, Vivian suddenly has a lot of decisions to make to make and needs to do some soul searching to figure out what makes her happy. When she travels to California to see the house, she meets Hank the hunk and Clark the nerd. Hank is a hunky cowboy, who takes care of the animals on her aunt’s property and she is attracted to him, but he is a man of few words. Clark, a librarian has intense chocolate brown eyes and is also head of the local historical society. Her aunt’s house is listed on the historical register, so any changes have to be approved by Clark. Since the house needs a lot of work, Vivian and Clark are constantly arguing about the renovations and can never agree on anything.

I like Vivian because she has the traits I admire in a heroine she’s smart, attractive and funny. However, as smart as Vivian is, she’s slow to figure out who the right man is for her. The reader is never sure who Vivian will end up with until the end of the story. Vivian has a vivid imagination and she is constantly using it when she thinks about the man she is attracted to. So there is a lot of yearning in this story, but all the steamy action is in Vivian’s head. Simon and Caroline from WALLBANGER are included in the story and it is fun catching up with them.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books.