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Filthy Beautiful Lies

Filthy Beautiful Lies - Kendall Ryan 4.5 Stars.

Kendall Ryan sure does know how to write a sexy as hell book. FILTHY BEAUTIFUL LIES has it all: A virgin auction, a hot, sexy as sin man and a relationship between two characters that morphs into something neither of them expected.

I liked Sophie and I admired why she ended up in the situation that she did. She had the courage I don't think I would have had in the same situation. But her naivety often showed with Colton. But she never quit and as she grew to know Colton, she never gave up on him.

Colton, Colton, Colton (or Coco to his darling brothers). There is so much beneath the surface with this man. He wasn't your typical millionaire playboy, especially given the fact that he just bought himself a virgin for six months. He easily read Sophie and knew that she was special and that he couldn't keep going with his original plan. He adjusted and discovered that Sophie is the woman that could erase all his pain from his past.

The romance that builds between Sophie and Colton is explosive, but goes a very different than course than what I was expecting. But the way their relationship starts does help Colton and Sophie get to know each other a bit better. They may be extremely frustrated, but I think in the end it will definitely be worth it for them.

The ending shocked me, because I definitely did not see it coming. Now I'm anxious to see how Colton fixes this mess. September can't get here fast enough.