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The Ex Factor (1NightStand Series)

The Ex Factor (1NightStand Series) - Cate Masters Normally I am a great fan of the 1Night Stand series novellas. The fact that they are short very rarely impacts the quality of the story itself. However that is not the case here. What began with a promising premise fell short in the author’s effort to tell the story as quickly as possible. It felt rushed and as if I were reading it on fast forward. The characters were likeable and I would have preferred to read more about them and see a relationship form between them. Instead we go from her hating her ex husband and needing a “real” man to sleeping with her not so blind date on the first date in a public place and having forever thoughts. There was no real chemistry between the characters. It felt very much like a one night stand not a romance.

Reviewed by Iris for Cocktails and Books