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Love is a Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield - Vivian Arend, Elle Kennedy LOVE IS A BATTLEFIED is a fast paced, steamy book that centers on Jack Hunter, who runs DreamMakers with his two former Army Ranger buddies, Parker and Dean. After the three men return from the military, they decide to start DreamMakers, a business that helps people plan romantic dates and celebrations. They are big, tough alpha males who still think and talk like they are in the military, even though they are now civilians. Pepper Wilson is Parker’s little sister, she has just graduated from college and decides to work for DreamMakers. Jack and Pepper are attracted to one another and there is a strong sexual chemistry between them whenever they are together. Jack is a love them and leave them type of guy and knows he should stay away from Pepper, because Parker wouldn’t want Jack dating his sister, but Jack can’t stop thinking about her.

Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy write an engaging story with interesting characters. This is the second book in the DreamMakers trilogy and each book is a stand-alone. In fact, I didn’t read the first book in this series and had no problem keeping up. I like Jack, he’s a nice guy and even though he’s a playboy, he’s thoughtful and considerate to Pepper. Pepper is tough and sarcastic and never lets Jack intimidate her, but I have to admit, the name Pepper just didn’t work for me. The premise of this book bothered me too, because it’s hard to believe macho guys who were once Army Rangers would decide to become party planners. That said, this is still a fun read and Jack and Pepper have a highly charged erotic relationship with some BDSM and kink in the mix.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books