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Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me - Mila Gray, Sarah Alderson 3.5 Cocktails

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this one, but it ended up being a really good read with the tortured alpha male I always enjoy (as well as the hero being the heroine's brother's best friend....I always love those).

I enjoyed Kit and Jessa together. I liked how Kit, when home on his three week leave, did what he could to help the sheltered Jessa spread her wings. He knew the kind of home life she had and also knew she wished she could get out from under her father's thumb, so he gave her the freedom she wouldn't otherwise have. And when things went back at home for her, he made sure she had a home with his father while he was deployed. But their romance isn't all flowery. When the worst happens to Jessa's family, it's Kit who ends up being broken. He pushes everyone away, including Jessa, and drowns in the guilt that he's still alive. His self destruction almost costs him everything, but he figures out Jessa is what he needs to survive and without her his life just doesn't make sense.

If you like angsty new adult reads, this is definitely one to pick up. Mila Gay is an author that was new to me, but I definitely plan on looking for more from her in the future.