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Offside - Bianca Sommerland What do a divorced mother, a Dom hockey player and a bed-hopping playboy hockey player have in common? Give up? They have an endless supply of love, understanding and a deep respect and love of the game. Hockey permeates their lives. And when they’re not on the ice they’re in the club. At the club the Dartmouth Cobras can act on their desires for Submission, Domination or anything else. BDSM and everything that goes on in the club is just an extension of who they are.

To say Becky is a sub is to give her too much credit. With as many restrictions and snappy comebacks it is a wonder she doesn’t consider herself more of a Switch. That should be beside the point, however, I believe it is truly the root of many of the issues that pop up between her and Zach. If you thought Zach was gay, you weren’t alone. Although his big coming out in a previous book was done to help a fellow player, Zach is in fact bisexual, not gay. So where does this leave the man who we hope will straighten out his life and realize he truly had something good going with Zach? Seeing as how this is a ménage series, it leaves him in a great position actually, if he can clean up his act and stop with the man whoring.

Regardless of his loose and carefree ways there is just something so broken about Scott that you cant help but keep flipping the pages hoping either Becky or Zach will get through to him and help him realize he is not alone. I do not consider it a spoiler to tell you that of course it happens eventually seeing as how this is a ménage romance novel. Of course it is not without its conflict, resolution and even more conflict. Who ever said love was easy anyway? We do of course have some of our favorite characters in the previous books popping in intermittently throughout the book giving us, well me, a much needed look at what’s going on with everyone else. There are some definite “aww” moments that will melt even the hardest of hearts. And some that may even have you wanting to reach for tissues. Offsides is different from the other Dartmouth Cobra series books thus far in that it reaches a level of emotion we’ve become accustomed to in the series ten it surpasses it.

Definitely worth the read and highly recommended.

Reviewed by Iris for Cocktails and Books