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Irresistible Force

Irresistible Force - D.D. Ayres 4.5 Stars

Shay Appleton loves her dog, “Prince”, unfortunately Prince is really Bogart, a police K-9 who belongs to James Cannon. James finds Bogart and accuses Shay of stealing him, now if only she wasn’t so earnest and so attractive to James.

Shay has had hit after hit in her life, the newest being a crazy ex and no one believing her, so when she has to give up Bogart, but James sticks around, she’s pretty enamored with the first man to really believe in her.

James is really attracted to Shay, he likes her spunk and her attitude, and his K-9 partner is definitely head over tails in love with her too.

This story had lots of conflict, some great K-9 moments that enhanced the story, and lots of James being a swoon worthy hero. There were also some great scenes where Shay takes back her own life, she finally stands up for what she wants, and what’s best for her, and I loved that we got to see her being so strong.

I really look forward to more books in this series, I can only imagine the fun stories revolving around more K-9 teams that are set to come. I highly recommend this story, it is sexy, romantic and with enough humor to keep the pages turning.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books