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All for This - Lexi Ryan 4.5 Cocktails

As I read the final book in the Here and Now series, I wondered how Lexi Ryan was going to end this series and spent a lot of time convincing myself not to jump to the end of the book to find out if the guy I wanted was going to be the one that Hanna ended up with.
All our burning questions are answered in this final installment to the series. What happened to Nate, who Hanna chooses and how she ended up falling down the stairs. Lexi Ryan gives up a great emotional read, not taking an easy route, in getting Hanna to her happily ever after. Hanna has a lot of soul searching to do as well as some hard decision to make. No matter what decision she makes, someone is going to get hurt and she has her babies to think about, but she doesn't take the easy way out.

Without giving anything away, I will say this my only disappointment with the story was when we learned what happened on the stairs. After all the mystery about what happened with Hanna, the revelation was a bit of a letdown and had me scratching my head thinking why this didn't come out sooner.

Overall, this was a fantastic series. I devoured each book as soon as I got it and was left desperate for the next. Lexi Ryan knows how to give us incredible characters who are flawed and but highly likable with emotionally engaging storylines. Hanna, Max and Nate definitely grab ahold of you and pull you through their story without letting go. If you haven't picked up the books in this series, I highly recommend them.