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UnWritten - Chelsea M. Cameron 3.5 Stars

UNWRITTEN was a book that surprised me. I'm not sure why, but I was absolutely smitten with our hero, Declan, pretty much from the first moment we met his son. I was probably because his British charm coming through via his son, but I was hooked on this story fairly early on.

Blair Walton was a woman I could definitely connect with. I liked how she co-wrote with her best friend and hide that success behind her job as a librarian. But it felt like Blair's real love was her job as a librarian. As a writer, she always seemed stressed and riddled with some kind of writer's block. But as a librarian, she was able to share her love of books with children and help them build their own love. Even when she was stressed and tired, she seemed to shine when she was with the kids at the library.

Declan Bennet was dreamy. British, driven, and a devoted father, there wasn't much to Declan that would turn a reader off. At such a young age, he'd accepted the responsibility of his young son while still working and going to school for his MBA. *Sigh*

Declan and Blair flirted between being cute and smoking hot. I loved how they were together. They clicked. Even when they were still under the pretense of having just a sexual relationship, you could see it was so much more and knew that they knew it but were too afraid to admit it. I loved how supportive they were of each other, especially how excited Declan was to find out Blair was a writer.

This was definitely one of those feel good books that leaves you with a smile on your face. The characters were fabulously developed and the storyline was engaging, fun, and with just the right amount of emotion.