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Command Me

Command Me - Geneva Lee Despite a bit of a slow start, COMMAND ME was a book that was an absolute pleasure to read. Geneva Lee created these characters that were absolutely mesmerizing and left me desperate for the next book to find out what was going to happen next with Clara and Alexander.

Clara and Alexander don't start under the best of circumstances, but there is such a spark between the two of them...even when Alexander is being an overbearing ass. But it was easy to forgive Alexander . He has a massive amount of emotional baggage that he carries around and it's easy to see how it weighs on him.

Clara has her own set of emotional baggage, with her mother pushing her to be something that Clara doesn't want to be. Clara has a hard time trusting or feeling like she's good enough because of it. So it's understandable that she doesn't believe Alexander's attention.
But the two of them together a smoking HAWT. Alexander commands Clara and she easily submits to him. But she also helps him open up to her. To let her see his scars without fear of recrimination. I wanted them to fight for each other, no matter what. To show the other they were worthy of the other and could stand up against what they faced.

I anxiously await the next CONQUER ME, which (according to the author's Facebook page) is coming out this fall. I need to know what happens next with Clara and Alexander.