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Blood Games

Blood Games - Chloe Neill 4.5

My first thoughts when I finished BLOOD GAMES was "my how Merit has grown". And that's a thought that has stayed with me after I've fully digested the tenth book in the Chicagoland Vampire series. As with the other books in the series, Merit and Ethan always have someone coming after them for one reason or another. But in the past, Merit has had a hair trigger when it came to her emotions. She was quick to jump to conclusions, fight or push Ethan away. But in BLOOD GAMES, Merit shows just how much she's grown in her relationship with Ethan. She may get pissed at him, but she never doubts their love and is steadfast in standing by her man.

As Merit tries to solve the murder of CPD officers son, Cadogan House prepares for Ethan's challenge as President of the GP. It's a tough challenge for Ethan, because it's stirs up things from his past. It's tough for those close to Ethan too because of the emotional upheaval this causes. But it also shows just how loyal those close to Ethan are to him, Merit and everything they believe in.

This is a series that I absolutely love and I greedily devour. Chloe Neill continues to weave a story that entrances and characters that are an absolute pleasure to follow.