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The Promise

The Promise - Robyn Carr 4.5 Stars

Scott and Peyton meet when she signs on to work with him at his small clinic. The position was supposed to be a temporary solution while she gets her life together, but the town and the doctor prove to be much more than she ever anticipated.

Scott and Peyton both believed they were off limits to each other so they were able to grow close without any pressure. Scott and Peyton both believed in the importance of family and it helped to cement their connection. Their romance took it's time and evolved in a very organic way. Thunder Point and it's citizens really helped to sell Peyton on small town life and on Scott.

The conflict came when Peyton's ex Doctor Ted pops up to stir the pot. He makes Scott feel like he has less to offer Peyton than a Doctor with money living in a big city. But those things aren't as important to Peyton as family and a meaningful relationship.

This book is a great window back into the world of Thunder Point. The scenery is so full of life and warmth that gives everything a depth and feeling. The cast of characters we have already gotten to know so well continue to evolve and become more endearing. I can't wait to go back to Thunder Point again.

Reviewed by Kristyn for Cocktails and Books