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Mistaking The Maid Of Honor

Mistaking The Maid Of Honor - Tessa Bailey BAITING THE MAID OF HONOR is one of five books in the Wedding Dare series. In this series there are five couples and five different authors who write a story about each couple. BAITING THE MAID OF HONOR is Julie Piper and Reed Lawson’s story. Julie’s best friend from college is getting married and Julie is the maid of honor. It’s a destination wedding so the entire wedding party is staying at an exclusive resort in Colorado the week before the wedding. Julie agrees to do all of the planning for the events leading up to the wedding, because that’s what she does, she takes care of everyone. Reed is in the wedding party and from the moment Julie meets him she is drawn to him, although he isn’t the type of men she is usually interested in. He’s a tough alpha male, who is rough around the edges and works as a swat team commander. Reed grew up poor and likes low maintenance women, so he’s surprised when he finds himself drawn to Julie. Julie is a typical southern bell and she both intrigues and frustrates Reed. Julie was raised in luxury and has never met anyone like Reed, yet she feels comfortable with him. From the moment they meet, Reed and Julie have a strong sexual attraction and can’t keep their hands off of each other. I liked Reed and Julie. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they are both down to earth people. They are each dealing with some issues from their past and aren’t looking for a relationship.

I’m a huge Tessa Bailey fan. I always love everything she writes and I found this to be another delightful, sexy story. She knows how to write an interesting story with great dialogue. The characters are believable and Julie and Reed have scorching chemistry together. The wedding party is thrown together when their friends get married and as they all get to know each other, there are sparks flying between all of them. I love the sexual tension, all the banter between the characters and can’t wait to read the rest of this series and find out what happens with the rest of the wedding party.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books