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Love of a Rockstar

Love of a Rockstar - Nicole Simone LOVE OF A ROCKSTAR is a story of second chances and righting a wrong that never should have happened.

Marlene and Luke were high school sweethearts who Marlene thought would be together always. When she found herself pregnant, she didn't imagine that the boy she loved would leave her to go off and pursue his career. Four years later, she built a life for herself and her little girl. It may not be the life that she imagined, but she's making the most of it to raise her daughter right. But when Luke comes back to town, determined to build a relationship with his daughter and win back Marlene, Marlene has to decided between letting love in or chasing her own dreams in Paris.

I like Marlene and applauded her on raising her little girl on her own, but I think she gave in a little too quickly to Luke when he came back saying he wanted to fix things between them and get to know his daughter. The man walked away from her when she was pregnant, a little bit more begging and pleading should have been needed. And doubly so when it came to knowing his daughter. As a mother, I'd want to make damn sure the man was going to be sticking around before I allowed my daughter to meet him and form an attachment. He'd run before and there was nothing to prove he wouldn't do it again.

That said, the rekindling of the romance between Marlene and Luke was sweet and the author had me eventually pulling for the two of them to get back together.