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Heroes Are My Weakness

Heroes Are My Weakness - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Like Annie, heroes most definitely are my weakness. Especially, when you're not really sure if that hero is really a hero or he's the villian. In HEROES ARE MY WEAKNESS, two step siblings are reunited when Annie returns to a remote Maine island ,and the cottage her mother inherited when she divorced Theo's father, looking for the inheritance her mother insists was left there for her. Annie does not have fond memories of her time there, especially when she remembers all the truly evil things her step brother did to her. And when she meets him again, as an adult, she fears things are going to be much different (Theo's re-introduction to Annie from the grand staircase of the main house was hysterical). But she's desperate for the inheritance and she'll stick it out until she finds it...especially if she can get a little revenge on the man who caused her such turmoil.

I will admit, parts of this story reminded me a great deal of AIN'T SHE SWEET, but the differences in the storyline and the characters were enough to give it a fresh perspective (especially if you haven't read AIN'T SHE SWEET in a while or at all). SEP, in my opinion, creates some of the best snappy, sometimes sarcastic, often times sassy dialogue between her characters that always leaves you laughing. And if it's not the dialogue, it's the description of something the characters have done. HEROES ARE MY WEAKNESS is no exception. Theo posing Annie's puppets was a crack up and Annie seeking her revenge by trying to make Theo think his tower was haunted always made me smile. However, it was the bickering and bantering these two characters did that proved, along with some pretty hot sexual chemistry, how much these characters belonged together.

The mystery about the inheritance, the truth about who was behind Annie's horrible summer and Theo's wife added to the story, but for me it was all about Annie and Theo. They made this story for me and I often times kept wishing other parts of the story stopped interrupting them (even if that break did move the story along).