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Sweet Addiction

Sweet Addiction - Jessica  Daniels, J.  Daniels 3.5 Stars

Sometimes you need a book that's going to make you laugh and has a couple that could virtually melt the screen on your e-reader. SWEET ADDICTION was one of those books for me. We had an incredibly hot couple in Reese and Dylan, secondary characters that had some great one liners and a story about so much more than just a wedding hook up.

Reese and Dylan were an interesting couple. They meet when she takes a header into his lap during her ex-boyfriend's wedding (whom she had created the wedding cake for). She's immediately taken by his sexy hands and then once she's given the rest of him a look, she decides slutty wedding sex with him was on the agenda. After a pretty earth shattering episode in a restroom, Dylan is left wondering what to make of the man who changed everything for her. But we soon discover Dylan wasn't the only one effected by their wedding escapade. Reese, who claims he does not "do" relationships, but you can tell by his very dominate alpha maleness that everything he thought went out the window when he met Dylan.
The two of them play the game of being casual monogamous bed buddies, but as readers you can see the writing on the wall and you have to wonder just when the two of them are going to remove their heads from the lower end of their bodies and fess up to what they're feeling. Of course, eavesdropping and not hearing the whole conversation leads to the big blow up, but our hero and heroine finally do manage to make it right...and pretty stellar fashion too.

A very entertaining book (and one that I had read a little sooner). A lot of fun, very hot and exactly what I needed.