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On the Fly - Catherine Gayle As a huge hockey fan, I tend to devour hockey romances. And if I find a series with lovable characters and a storyline that I don't want to end, that author goes on my auto buy list. Catherine Gayle is now on my list. She created a fabulous world with the Portland Storm series and developed characters that will absolutely break your heart and not wanting to say goodbye to.

ON THE FLY centers around Brenden Campbell and his need to prove he belongs in the NHL. The son of an NHL superstar, he puts a lot of pressure on himself to prove to everyone he belongs in the big leagues. Of course, with that pressure comes a string of injuries that could very well end his career. But then he meets his boss' new secretary and his new neighbor, Rachel. With Rachel, Brenden discovers something he loves more than hockey. Something that helps him get his game straight and prove that he's an asset to the Portland Storm.

I loved Brenden and Rachel. Brenden came off a bit gruff when they first met, tending to scare and confuse Rachel, but he couldn't deny the draw to Rachel or to her kids. It took him a bit to break down the walls Rachel used to protect herself, but Brenden proved to Rachel that not all men were like her ex and that she could trust him with her little family.
Rachel had her faith broken by her ex-husband. You felt sorry for her, but also applauded her on going someplace to start fresh and put the horror of what they endured behind them. It took a lot for her to start building a relationship with Brenden, fears of the past preventing her from trusting him fully. As a reader, you wanted her to fight those demons and trust that Brenden was going to care for her and the kids. You wanted her to regain her faith. It took a bit, but she finally got there.

If you like/love hockey and/or hockey romances, you definitely need to pick this one up. You'll be introduced to a team and group of men that will make you laugh, maybe break your heart and most definitely reaches for a kleenex or two.