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Talk to Me - Clare James 3.5 Cocktails

I will say, the author had me from the very beginning of this story. I was intrigued to find out why a hockey player at his prime would retire and really wanted Casey to discover why. It was the mystery of Finn Daley that had me devouring this in hopes of getting a hint of why.

I liked Casey. She had found herself in a situation that was not what she had planned on when she graduated college, but she wasn't going to give us. She was determined to prove she was more than just a pretty face doing outlandish stunts for a sports channel. When she found a subject that just might prove she was a good journalist, I wanted her to get the dirt on Finn. But what made me like Casey more was how once she got to know Finn she wasn't all that eager to continue on with her story. Some of her peers might have and it showed what kind of integrity Casey had.

It took me a bit to warm up to Finn, especially after the way he initially greeted Casey at his house, but he grew on me. You knew Finn had a story and it wasn't going to be what we expected when it finally broke. But he clicked with Casey. After he gave up his d-bag behavior and got to know her, it was hard not to want the two of them to be together.

This was a quick read, but it was one that kept me engaged. I liked how the author built up the relationship between Casey and Finn, truly giving us the sense of their relationship growing, not just jumping into bed with each other. And as I got to the end, I was left with a need to find out what happens next with these two.