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Blind Under The Moon

Blind Under The Moon - S.A. Welsh S.A. Welsh knocks it out of the park, with the introduction of a new idea of shifters that is interesting and fresh. I loved the idea of a blind vampire, who is anything but vulnerable because of it. I adored Skylar and he was beyond perfect for Remy.

Skylar was the character that helped Remy become the great leader he needs to be. I loved the little quirks and the way the author makes Remy into a stronger wolf. The way that vampires bond with their mates was very well done and fun to explore.

The way that Remy opens up the pack to strong shifters and doesn’t keep it just to wolves, it shows the range that this series is very capable of. I hope that the author expands on the unique world they’ve created.

I definitely enjoyed this world and this is a great example of setting up a series beautifully. I look forward to more books and I highly recommend this story.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books