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One Ride

One Ride - Chelsea Camaron I do love a good MC romance and Chelsea Camaron totally surprised me with this one. She created some really wonderful characters that had me hooked and wanting more.

I loved Doll and Tripp. You could tell the instant these two saw each other at a Hellion party they were going to have chemistry....and they really did. But more than that, they connected on an emotional level. They understood each other and more importantly, they understood the MC rules that they had to live under. Doll was the President's daughter, therefore she was untouchable. Tripp knew that and he did his best to abide by those rules, no matter how much it tore him up. And it's in those moments that you fall irrevocably for Tripp.

The storyline that sent Tripp and Doll on their "one ride" was interesting and definitely gave a reason for the two of them to be "locked up" with one another. But I wanted the big showdown to happen with Tripp and Doll there, with Tripp maybe needing to do something to save Doll's life, rather than the two of them roaming across the country somewhat safe and sound.

My only wish for the story was more dialogue with the characters. We spent a lot of time inside the head of Tripp and Doll. And while I still loved them as a couple, I think more honest dialogue between the two, talking about mundane things or sharing bits about themselves would have turned this into a 5 star review.

An awesome start to the series. The next book, FOREVER RIDE, centers around Tank and Sass, which promises to be even better. Definitely a series to pick up.