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Tease - Sophie Jordan If you haven't read Sophie Jordan's first book in this series FOREPLAY, read it first! I loved this book. Foreplay was pure enjoyment that made you feel like you were in college again plus it was filled with tons of sexiness, swoon worthy bartender, and a girl we can all identify with in some manner. Sophie Jordan didn’t surpoass FOREPLAY with TEASE but it was definitely a good read. TEASE follows Emerson, who we meet in FOREPLAY and Pepper's best friend. Emerson is a flirt, a tease, the good time girl. She has created her less than stellar reputation on purpose, it allows her to maintain control. Emerson's past haunts her and she needs control. Control makes her feel strong.

Enter Shaw....and man, is he yummy on a stick. The best part about Shaw, he sees straight through Emerson's BS. He knows she is hiding behind the facade. He calls her on it and it knocks her for a loop. He is definitely an alpha male but I find it refreshing that he doesn't put up with any of the ridiculous crap that Emerson dishes out. Shaw wants a relationship from Emerson, not a one night stand. The girl doesn't know how to control him and it causes a bit of drama. But you have to give credit where credit is due, Shaw is persistent and he is determined to get the "real" Emerson to make an appearance. This was a good addition to the series and I can't wait for Georgia's story in WILD!

Reviewed by Candace for Cocktails and Books