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Being Zolt

Being Zolt - D.L. Raver 3.5 Cocktails

BEING ZOLT picks up right where INDULGING IN IRELYN left off. Zolt is devastated by Irelyn leaving with her ex, Marcus. After spending a bit of time self destructing, Zolt gets his act together, rescues his woman and helps Irelyn get to the bottom of the hold Marcus had over her father, which lead to her brother’s death.
I enjoyed the story. I liked how Zolt was finally able to dig himself out of the functioning hell he’d been in to start living. That clearly, Irelyn was the key to that change. But in BEING ZOLT he actually recognized that things needed to change. it may be have been witnessing the self destruction of Irelyn’s father (and ultimately her family) or it could have been the realization that he could be the man Irelyn thought he was, but he turned that corner and made the strides to change.

Irelyn was always this incredibly strong woman. She had to be to endure what she did between her domineering father and Marcus. But her strength helped Zolt admit some painful truths about himself and move on. She was very supportive of the man she loved and she would do what she needed to in order to protect him. But you also knew that she would stand back so he could do things on his own if she needed to.

My favorite part of the book was the epilogue. Those few pages gave us a glimpse into the life of Zolt and Irelyn. It solidified what we hoped they would have for their HEA…a strong, healthy relationship.

I’m glad I was introduced to Zolt and Irelyn. They may have gone through some hellish experiences together, but they were a couple who were cute, sexy and definitely made for each other.