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Fall to You - Lexi Ryan 4.5 Cocktails

I'm generally not a huge fan of love triangles. The guy I want to girl to end up with generally doesn't or some weird plotline takes the story in a direction I didn't enjoy. But Lexi Ryan has me thoroughly enraptured in the love story between Nate, Max and Hanna. She's made me question who I want Hanna with and where I thought the storyline was going. Masterfully, Lexi Ryan has created a triangle that has me anxiously sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the final book and just who Hanna will choose.

You can't reading FALL TO YOU without reading the first book in the series, LOST IN ME. This second book picks up right where the first left off and jumps right into answering some of the questions that were left hanging in the first book. We find out just what happened between Hanna and Nate that sent her running back home just days before her accident. We find out who Hanna's silent partner is at the bakery (and that was a shocker). And we discover just how true Max's feelings for Hanna are. But bigger questions pop up during the course of the story and by the time I got to the last page I was wondering who exactly Hanna was going to be with, because it can't be as easy as it looks.

Being firmly in the TEAM NATE camp, it made me a bit sad to see how far apart things seemed for Hanna and Nate. Nate had a single minded determination about how his life needed to be when it came to romantic relationships and his child. Unfortunately, that belief pushed Hanna towards Max and the promises the ring he gave her held.

We still don't know how Hanna ended up at the bottom of that staircase or what her late night visitor means for this trio. But I will say I'm anxiously awaiting to see just how this triangle to going to resolve. If you have picked up a Lexi Ryan book before, this series is one that I highly recommend. The author creates characters that a reader easily falls for and a storyline that leaves you begging for me.