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Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy Boy - Christina Lauren I adored this book. There was just something about Ansel, his sweetness, his absolutely filthy, filthy mouth and his feelings for Mia that has me willing Mia to choose him.

Mia and Ansel did their whole relationship backwards, marrying first in a somewhat drunken stupor, but it worked for them. Ansel's panache for jumping head first into a situation without really thinking it through helped Mia figure out what it was she wanted out of life, rather than living it based on her father's demands. She learned how to love herself and to embrace the one thing she loved most, dancing, even if she had to embrace it differently than she had wanted to before.

This book was a treat to read. It has it's funny moment, those hysterical bits where you have to go back and read them again and again. There was a ton of emotional elements, which made you love both these characters as they tried to come to terms with where they each wanted to go in live and incorporate the other in those plans. But this book was also incredibly hot and sexy. Ansel used sex as a method of communication when his words wouldn't get through to Mia. He was HAWT, sexy and down right dirty...reminding me why I took four years of high school French and four semesters in college. *LE SIGH*

I look forward to more from this series, as Mia and Ansel's friends get their stories. If they stay true to what we got a glimpse of in SWEET FILTHY BOY, they will be downright spectacular.