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Unfixable - Tessa Bailey 3.5 Cocktails

No need to fix the Unfixable.

When I last left Willa she was off to college and in a steady relationship. That was in Protecting What is His. Now Willa is a successful photographer, recently broken up with her longtime boyfriend and on her way to Dublin for 2 weeks a chance of a lifetime. Deciding that this trip is just what she needs to get over a relationship she called off. Willa’s life was never easy; having a prostitute for a mother and a sister that gave up everything just to keep her safe has left her feeling that she can never be loved because she feels broken. Until that is when she meets Shane Claymore. The last thing he wants to have his pub invaded by and American know it all. Willa by no fault of her own gets involved with the family trying to save the family bar. She also has a little fun with Shane’s young impressionable sister and forgetful mother. Shane sees right through Willa’s attitude and wants to fix what she thinks is unfixable. Shane is just what Willa needs, he is hot and he has an accent to die for. I swear I could hear it coming through the pages when I was reading. Shane and Willa have become one of my favorite Tessa Bailey couples.

I suggest reading Protecting What’s His first, although you don’t have to but it will show you more of why Willa is Willa. But either way this book was great.

Reviewed by Bookbud for Cocktails and Books