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Two Men and a Virgin (1 Night Stand Series)

Two Men and a Virgin (1 Night Stand Series) - Kate Richards I read Frontier Inferno first, which is another book set in the town, and characters, of Castle, Alaska, and I completely loved it. There, I was introduced to Paul, Rex and Andie. We know they have an unconventional relationship and I was curious to see how it all started so when I got the opportunity to review their book, Two Men and a Virgin, I jumped at the chance.

However, I did not enjoy this book as much as I did Frontier Inferno. I couldn’t connect to any of the characters. It felt like something was missing. The transitions were rough and Paul, Rex and Andie’s relationship felt more like a business transaction. There was no chemistry and ultimately, the book left me…unsatisfied.

I would have loved to see more character development especially between Paul and Rex. They were lovers and in love with each other but we only get a few kisses and nothing in detail. I also would have loved a sex scene with all three participating with each other. The plot concept was great but the execution fell flat. While I didn’t enjoy this read as much as I’d have liked to, it won’t deter me from checking out other titles from the author.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books