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Slope of Love

Slope of Love - Melissa Foster 3.5 Cocktails

SLOPE OF LOVE gives us Remington sibling Rush's story and it's one (for whatever reason) I've been looking forward to.

Through the other books in the series, we've had glimpses of Rush, but we discover that the Olympic Skier playboy is not what we think. He was given a wake up call and discovers that the one person he has depended on for the past fifteen years in the one woman that can curb his playboy ways. Rush isn't shy about the fact that he was with a lot of women, instead he owns it and does his best to prove to everyone (including himself) that he's changed. Jayla understands him like no other and he can't imagine himself with anyone else. I liked how it was as if a switch had been flipped and suddenly Rush was this alpha male who would do anything to protect and provide for his female.

Jayla may not have thought that was what she wanted, but the change in Rush appealed to her. She's been in love with him since they were teenagers, but there was something about him wanting to take care of her that did it for her. She knew, he didn't agree with her and her drive to compete while hurting, but he understood and did what he needed to in order to ease her pain. Jayla didn't think she wanted that in a man, but with that change in Rush she loved it.

I liked the Rush and Jayla together. I liked how the author took those fifteen years of being best friends and pushed them over into lovers. That combination doesn't always work, but it definitely did for this couple.