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When We Fall

When We Fall - Kendall Ryan I'm always sad when I get to the end of a series that I've really enjoyed. I find myself in that position with WHEN WE FALL, the final book in the When I Break series. I've become invested in Knox and McKenna's relationship and feel like I need to be with them more instead of saying goodbye. But, all good things must come to an end and Kendall Ryan gives Knox and McKenna that is fitting for them.

WHEN WE FALL picks up right where WHEN WE SURRENDER left off...with McKenna passing out as she finds pregnant Amanda in Knox's bedroom. If you found yourself wavering in your faith of Knox, just like McKenna, we discover just how much she's changed his life at the beginning of this book. She's completely altered him from the man who used sex as a balm to everything that ailed him. His commitment to McKenna is solid and despite the distance he keeps finding between himself and the woman he loves, Knox is faithful to his belief that he and McKenna can get through anything. It's quite a turn for the guy who didn't believe in love and only used women when it was convenient for him and his need for a release.

McKenna did a lot of her growing up at the end of WHEN WE SURRENDER, so WHEN WE FALL was the time for her to put all her decisions into practice. She found it wasn't always easy, especially with an alpha male such as Knox, but she had to learn that her faith and love in Knox (and his brothers) was going to get them through whatever obstacles they faced. She had to learn not to run. That distance isn't going to fix any problem, since they'd still be there when she finally came back. She finally figured it out, that what she had with Knox and his brothers was building her family, but not before putting some unneeded strain on her relationship with Knox

A great ending to a great series (although the epilogue had me thinking that Jaxon needs to have a story). These two character grew so much over the course of these books and it's been an absolute pleasure to follow along.