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Salvation - Noelle  Adams 4.5 Cocktails

SALVATION is an absolutely remarkable book. It's emotionally challenging to read, but the perseverance of these characters was extraordinary.

Diana was a twenty three year old girl without a care in the world when her worst nightmare happened. Taken, because of who her father was, she soon learned that everything that she thought was important no longer was and she needed to fight to survive. Her one salvation that night came in the form of undercover FBI agent Gideon. With a blown cover, Gideon is as much a captive as Diana, but he manages to give her a small coping mechanism to get through what was about to happen.

Noelle Adams gives us a powerful story of two people trying to dig out from under the shear ugliness of they endured. That one night changed both of their lives forever, leaving a permanent mark. But, as they discover, it also gave them each other. Their relationship, which grew out of an unlikely friendship, proved many things to Diana and Gideon. Diana learned to trust again. To understand that yes, she was beautiful despite what happened to her. And that some is absolutely worthy to love, Gideon's changes may not have been at the forefront of the story, but we saw him communicating more. Sharing his feelings and learning to trust that Diana would tell him when she needed something.

This is by no means an easy read. The author puts us in that basement with Diana and Gideon, forces us to follow Diana into that other room and endure her pain with her. Because of that, I was invested in these characters. I wanted to cry with them. Rage when they did. And fell for these characters long before they fell for each other. If you can get through the first chapter, I promise this is a book that absolutely makes going through the first chapter worth it.