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Permanent - Kim Carmichael This was a really cute and quirky romance. Lindsey and Shane were complete opposites, but you can tell from the moment he saved her from her unfortunate picture hanging incident that they were bound to be together.

Lindsey came to LA in hopes of reinventing herself. She was quiet, bookish and awkward, but she managed to find herself with a group of friends she never imagined herself having. Despite her sometimes standoffish behavior, Shane Elliott and his friends brought her into the fold and refused to let her go...even when she tried to pull away.

Shane was in a world of trouble with the IRS. He thought he found the answer to his prayers when he discovered his beautiful neighbor was an accountant. He just didn't plan on Lindsey sparking his protective streak or need to be with her all the time. He wanted to be the guy to show her the world and bring her out of her shell.

Lindsey and Shane were really cute together. Their bantering was fun and Shane has my head spinning from some of his subject maneuverings. Their romance was a complete opposites attract and it worked for them. Shane helped Lindsey loosen up and have fun, where Lindsey helped organize Shane and keep him on track.

The secondary characters were great and I can't wait to see what there stories will bring...especially oldest Elliott son, Dillion (because you know there is a BIG story there).

This was a lot of fun and a great read. Definitely one to pick up.