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License to Love

License to Love - Gina Robinson What a fun read! This is my first book from Gina Robinson and I was pleasantly surprised! This is a spy story with an infusion of Maxwell Smart, James Bond, Cloak and Dagger and sprinkled with a little Kobayashi Maru action. (Star Trek reference)

This being the fourth book in the series, I was little lost with all the characters mentioned but the funny moments quickly dispelled my discomfort. I also felt the plot was a little outlandish at times, but it’s a book of fiction and, again, the comic relief made up for it.

Rock was a smokin’ hottie and I can’t believe that Lani left him; even though she did it to protect herself and him. I wouldn’t have left him, but Rock did get her drunk and tricked her into getting married, but that still wouldn’t have mattered to me. I enjoyed the story and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys spy books with espionage, misdirection and humor.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books