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The Playmaker

The Playmaker - Dakota Madison 3.5 Cocktails

THE PLAYMAKER is the continuation of Kian and Taylor's story. Moved up to an NHL team in Seattle, Kian and Taylor are trying to manage their relationship with significant distance between them. But distance is the least of their worries when a perceived danger to Taylor becomes reality and changes everything for Kian and Taylor.

Let me say, I was not expecting what happened to Taylor. Yes, I figured Blake would find some way to make good on this threats from FIRE ON ICE, but never did I expect the brutality that Taylor had to endure. My heart broke for Taylor, as I wondered just how much bad stuff this poor girl was going to have to endure. I loved how Taylor allowed herself the time to hide inside herself as she came to grips with what happened, but didn't wait too long before she let Kian back in. With Kian, she became a much stronger person and believed in herself and her ability to move forward.

It's hard not love Kian in this book. He was already having a hard time dealing with the distance between himself and Taylor, even though he had finally achieved his dream of playing in the NHL. But when Taylor is attacked, he looses it. And when she tries to push him away, your heart breaks for him even more. He proved just what kind of a man he was buy his determination to make sure Taylor understood he loved her and would be by her side, even if that meant giving her the space he so desperately didn't want to give her.

The author tied up all the loose ends to this story and gave us a HEA for this couple that they so deserved. Despite what they had to endure, Taylor and Kian figured out how to work together to move past these events and build their life together.

The conclusion to Taylor and Kian's story was great, even if we did have to endure some pretty horrific events to get there.