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Fire on Ice

Fire on Ice - Dakota Madison 3.5 Cocktails

Being a lover of practically all things hockey, I greedily grab up a hockey romance when it comes my way.

Kian Kavanaugh is a hockey player on the newly established minor league hockey team in Northern Arizona. He's treated like a God by those in town, with the exception of one person: Taylor Thompson. Despite the fact that she doesn't fall at his feet, Kian is drawn to Taylor and will do just about anything to gain her attention.

Kian is very easy to like. Despite taking advantage of the puck bunnies that thrown themselves at him, he's a guy who is trying very hard to live out his dream, even if he doesn't think he's worth it. Raised by a mother who was more interested in alcohol and drugs, belittled by the men his mother brought home, Kian doesn't believe he's worthy of a lot...including Taylor. But you can see that he's desperate to find someone to love and believe in him. And when he finds that, it's something he's willing to drop everything for.

It took some time to warm up to Taylor. She has an understandable prejudice against hockey players. Violated by her high school, hockey playing boyfriend, she shies away men, especially if they are in anyway involved with hockey. But Kian breaks through Taylor's walls. He proves to her he's nothing like her ex and only has her interest at heart. She never really stood a chance against him, especially when he was willing to shell out serious cash on flowers just to say he was sorry.

The story was good and the romance was sweet and cute. It's was definitely a good way to pass an hour or two.