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Sinful Surrender (Psychic Menage, #1)

Sinful Surrender (Psychic Menage, #1) - Houston Havens The year is 4860 AD. In the twenty-second century a prophecy of the world’s end, from the sixteenth century, came true. The planet Nibiru passed by the earth causing devastating changes to earth eliminating the majority of the population. Before the prophecy came to fruition, top government officials, the heads of the major religions, a chosen few elite and some of the filthy rich secretly built underground cities two and a half miles beneath the earth’s surface. Only a chosen few were invited to live in this luxurious underground world and are referred to as Dirt Dwellers.

The rest of the population was left on the surface to succumb to the effects of the prophecy, which were devastating. Those that did live, called Airbornes, were targeted by the Dirt Dwellers to destroy the expendable, or unworthy. Women and children were targeted hardest in order to wipe out future Airbornes. These genocide attacks didn’t always kill, but caused infections, sterilizations and genetic mutations.

Because of the lack of women, the men were forced to share a wife for the survival of their race. Not only were they able to survive, but were able to thrive thanks to the help of other races of survivors and currently have the technology equivalent to the nineteenth century. Humanoid aliens and even Fae are just a few of the new races that have emerged since the prophecy.

Back to the present, the Dirt Dwellers have spies called Mind Travelers, gifted psychic individuals who can project their vision to view anything, past, present or future, while remaining in their body. Fay Avalon is one of these Mind Travelers and she has been tasked with spying on the leader of the Airbornes.

However, Fay uncovers two ugly truths about her Dirt Dwellers government that disturbs her enough to venture above ground to find the physical proof and join with the rebel group the Freedom Fighters to begin a revolution. And those truths are, one: The government has lied to the Dirt Dwellers people about ever living above ground and leaving millions of people to die, and two: the Dirt Dwellers are moving back to the earth’s surface but are planning to eliminate the Airbornes by any and every means necessary first and take over their resources.

I felt it important to include part of the back story of the book because I want readers to know that this is not just a ménage book with lots of sex in it. There is a lot of depth and history that’s needed to understand what is happening in the book.

I was very surprised when I started reading the book and discovering the very detailed beginning about the prophecy, the different races of survivors and some of the weapons used. The plot is intricately designed and well-planned. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this complicated new world caused by the catastrophic prophecy.

Fay is one lucky woman! She has not one, not two, but THREE strapping gorgeous men who want to claim her as their wife. Establishing a relationship during all this turmoil was difficult but Fay finally accepted her desire claim the brothers with three distinct personalities that has sated all of Fay’s hidden desires: Arlo, the romantic, Drakker, the alpha male and super freak, and Logan, the logical leader. Fay and the Abán brothers steam up the pages with their dark words of passion and sensual foreplay. There were many times I had to fan myself from all the naughty times in the story. There is a cliffhanger at the end but it’s not really a cliffhanger per se as it is a bridge to the next book.

Overall, the story is well-written, brilliantly plotted and polished. I was completely blown away by the story and the writing. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi/fantasy and erotica reads. You will not be disappointed picking up this exciting, action-packed read!

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books