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Uncle Dominic's Touch

Uncle Dominic's Touch - Jenika Snow 4.5 Cocktails

I was nervous at first. I wanted to read something that was edgy...something forbidden. I've read some of Jenika Snow's books, and I enjoyed them. So when I saw this title, I clicked and dove in.

This is the tale of Chloe and her Aunt's husband Dominic. He watched her grow up, and she always loved him the most out of her whole family. Her parents never have time for her, and Uncle Dominic pays attention to her and talks with her. He gives her the attention that she needs. Fast forward to Chloe at 18. She, her parents, and her boyfriend, Jake, are going to spend time at Aunt Clara and Uncle Dominic's cabin on the lake. No spoilers, but a chain of events leave Chloe and her beloved Uncle alone at the cabin. The whole thing takes off quickly after that.

Truthfully, this book didn't feel very "taboo" to me, even though it's part of a series called "Wickedly Taboo. I wasn't uncomfortable at all. I had expected to squirm a little, but what I got was (what I feel anyway) a very sweet story. Sure, there was some insanely hot sex, but it was actually quite romantic. Two people who want what they want absolutely cannot deny their heart's desire. I loved the dynamic between Chloe and Dominic. It's silly. It's happy. It's supportive, and it's protective. In the end, they're perfect for each other despite their age difference and family connections.

If you can get past the fact that Dominic was married to Chloe's Aunt Clara, and if you can handle the age difference, then I HIGHLY recommend "Uncle Dominic's Touch". You'll get caught up in it, and you'll want to just read on until the end because you're completely captivated by it.