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Air Bound

Air Bound - Christine Feehan Sea Haven, how happy I was to be back in Sea Haven, I had been waiting for the next book in this series for a long time. I was so happy when I saw Air Bound was available. I love Airiana, she’s strong and confident and a great heroine, even if she does come to love and trust Maxim Prakenskii really fast. Though since there is a bit of a fated mate’s aspect I overlooked and let some of that quick love and trust go.

This story is full of action, and a lot of death, but at its core it’s a beautiful love story. Airiana sees Maxim for them man he truly is and not the man he shows the world, and Maxim does his best to protect and love Airiana.

I enjoyed that even though it’s been awhile since I read the others in the series, and some of the events from that spilled over, that the author did a good job of reminding and introducing me to those events again, so that I could easily pick it back up again. I think this allows the story to be read as a standalone if necessary, though I did enjoy the first two in the series and would recommend them too.

Overall, I really enjoyed and recommend this story, it has magic, action and enough intrigue to keep you guessing and the story hopping and moving forward.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books